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Classroom Chairs

I just realized that I never actually pushed the “post” button on this one!    We’re heading way back to the lazy days of Summer when I had time to redo some old furniture!
What’s the first thing you do when you get the keys to your classroom?  Spruce up the furniture with paint and fabric, and get ready to move in!  I’ve been waiting all Summer to get the keys to my classroom and now that I finally have them, I have to overcome my fear of the security system at the school and move in.  One more little project needs to get finished up before I take the plunge. My chairs need a makeover.  Today, I hit the fabric store, bought myself some chevron, and purchased a couple cans of black paint.  

My friend, Crystal, gave me these chairs a few years ago.  They needed paint and new seats.  They’ve been a perfect “homey” addition to my classroom, but the fabric finally gave out last year.  I’m always impressed with the difference paint and fabric can have on a chair.  
Happy chair sprucing!

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