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Deck Makeover

As my sister says, “It’s almost time to quit whining about the rain and start whining about the heat!”  Steve Pool (our local weatherman) told us that today will be the last day of rain for a while.  Then we’re ready for summer!  It’s supposed to be in the 80’s for at least a week, after today.  A dry deck means I can get a little work done!

I started pressure washing yesterday afternoon.  Luckily my kids love to help.


Lucky for me, they are good little workers. 

We pressure washed all of the benches, nooks, crannies, skirting on the deck, and the long walkway.  All that was left, when my hubby got home, was to move the furniture, repair a board, and finish the main part of the deck.  He’s such a good sport!  He got right to work after dinner.  I’d say that Cooper was a good helper too, but that spot he’s sitting in is actually the bald patch where we just planted new grass seed.  Thanks Cooper.

The herb pot, just outside my kitchen window, didn’t exactly want to be moved.  It fell apart as soon as we pulled it away from the house.  I replanted the herbs and now I’ll have to find new pots for my kitchen garden/herbs.

  Ooooh… there’s my little pressure washer in the corner of the picture below.  It was a gift from my hubby.  Yes, you read that right.  I told him my Mother’s Day wishlist included a hanging basket, rolling compost bin, or pressure washer.  I also told him he could choose the gift and I would be able to tell how much he loved me based on the gift.  He chose the right gift.  He loves me!  Realistically, we REALLY needed this and my hubby always asks for Costco gift cards for his birthday.  He has every intention of buying himself a pressure washer or some fun new tool, but when it comes down to it, he usually buys chicken or toilet paper with his gift cards. It was needed at our house and having a clean, pressure washed, house makes me really, really, really happy. 

Now, back to that project.  So, I got the whole family helping and then I took off to find my camera.  (That’s the way I roll.)

I caught this little guy relaxing in the grass.

He gets a little concerned when we do projects like this and I think he was just feeling sorry for himself out in the yard.

We finished up around 8:30 last night.  The deck is clean and just needs to dry.  Hopefully it will stop raining soon.  We’ll give it 2 days to dry and then we’ll give it a fresh new look.  We’re using a new Behr product called DeckOver, from Home Depot.  It’s fairly new, so there weren’t a lot of reviews out there.  We’re going to give it a try!  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Happy pressure washing!
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