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Filling Your Home With Personal Treasures

I was looking through old posts the other day, looking for a picture.  I found an old post about antiques around my house.  It reminded me so much of my grandma and I thought I’d do a repost of a few of the highlights.  
I don’t mind if things around my house look a bit tattered or scratched.  I think those little imperfections show that things are used and loved.  I tend to be a collector.  (My husband would embellish that and call me a hoarder.)  But, there are so many special treasures that I love to display in my home that bring back memories or remind me of people.


This sewing machine was in a corner of my parents’ garage for years, before it found a home in my craft room. My step dad said it was either is mom’s or grandma’s.  I love the case as much as I love the machine and display it with several old wooden spools of thread that my mom had.


There is nothing more meaningful than holding your great-grandmother’s Bible. There are even handwritten notes inside from church services and Bible studies. It’s tattered and I’m always a bit worried that something will happen to it, now that it’s sitting on a table in the living room where the boys play their video games.

When we were going through my grandma’s old suitcases, many years ago, we opened one and found her wedding dress and my grandpa’s WWII army uniform. Many years before, she told us she had thrown them away because they were tattered. It was amazing to find them in perfect condition inside a suitcase in her garage.

The flower garden quilt is from my husband’s side of the family. His grandma sent it home with me after a visit to her house. It is very tattered, but I just have the good part of the quilt poking out of the basket. The star quilt was made my great grandmother. I had to bribe my sister to let me have it.

This one was made my great grandmother and my great, great grandmother as a wedding gift for my grandparents. The patterned fabric was made from old shirts and dresses. They didn’t have a lot of money and they used the scraps they had available. What a treasure!  I hung this in my hallway and think about a great grandmother and great, great grandmother who I never met, every time I walk down the hall.

I fill my home with these treasures because each piece has a story. It reminds me about home and family, and isn’t that what life should be all about?

What story does your home tell?

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