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Front Door Springification

I usually don’t do much for my front door during spring and summer.  In fall and winter my doors get beautiful wreaths and garlands, but the rest of the year I just put a pot of flowers by the door.  This year I was inspired to do a little more.

I didn’t want to spend any money, though.  So, I grabbed these two wreaths that I had in the house.  Of course, they were two different colors and that wouldn’t work.  So I did a little switcheroo.  I pulled a few red berries out of one wreath and a few white berries out of the other.  When I put the wreaths back together, I had two red and white wreaths instead of one red and one white.

There.  Instant color, without spending anything. 

Ok, I did buy a few flowers for the chair, but it had to be done.

Happy Spring!

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