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Garden to Table

There are few things that make me quite as happy as harvesting food right from my garden and serving it to my family.  Tonight was Salad Night.  I ran out to the garden and picked a couple heads of lettuce.
My only problem with picking lettuce from my garden is the bugs.  We don’t use any chemicals in the garden, which means bugs.  I wash the lettuce, leaf by leaf.  Then I lay it out on a towel, and inspect each leaf for bugs as I tear it up to put in the salad spinner.  Once in the salad spinner, I wash it again.  Did I mention that I’m not a fan of the bugs?
My daughter is getting a little tired of salad.  Tonight she asked, “Are you really picking lettuce for salad AGAIN?”  My son and hubby, on the other hand, LOVE Costco’s Chinese Chicken Salad. (I never said it was a fancy homemade salad!)  
My son was so excited for the salad that he finished washing the lettuce and assembled the salads for us.  That’s my kind of dinner – no running to the grocery store for lettuce and having someone else make my dinner.  It was all perfect until everyone took off just in time for clean up.  I knew it was too good to be true!
Happy gardening!

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