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Honeysuckles and Hydrangeas

I could happily spend my Summer days working in my garden. My yard is filled with honeysuckles, hydrangeas, fresh herbs, berries, and daliahs.

My Annabelle hydrangeas are probably my favorite hydrangea in the yard.


The big white blooms make the watering and tending worth the time.


I don’t live working in my yard in the cold winter months. Yesterday was hydrangea deadheading day. Technically, this should be done right after the flowers are done blooming, but that also coincides with back to school craziness. So, most years Annabelle has to wait.

Here’s how she looks today. Yep, looks like a bunch of dead sticks to me! Notice how dark, gloomy, and mucky it looks?


In this same area of our yard, but along the fence, is the spot I planted my honeysuckle plants.  I wanted something to cover the ugly fence a bit. When I first bought them, I didn’t trellis them up because I wanted to see if they grew ok in that spot.


They seemed to be very happy there, so I worked on weaving the vines through trellises yesterday.


Vines are really not fun to untangle, but I know these honeysuckles will be much happier when they aren’t falling over and getting trampled by the dog.


Looks like it’s time to pressure wash that fence!

It was muddy and cold out there, but at least I can check honeysuckles and Annabelle hydrangeas off of my To Do list!

Happy gardening!

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