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Hydrangea Question

Last week I shared some of my garden photos. One reader/friend asked about the variety of hydrangea in one of my photos.

This hydrangea is an Everlasting Summer. It is one of my favorites. I love that it blooms all season. Most hydrangeas bloom on wood from the previous year. This variety isn’t picky. You can cut it all you want, and it keeps producing flowers. I love that!

Do you want to know my secret for getting them so blue? I bought a soil additive at the garden center called True Blue. It changes the PH level of the soil and makes them a deeper blue. My sister puts apple peels around her hydrangeas and it turns them almost navy blue. They are beautiful. I’ve never tried that trick, but it seems to work for her. You can also buy an additive to make your hydrangeas pink.  Pink isn’t really my color, so I’ll stick with my True Blue.  (Note to self: clean up the dog toys before taking photos.  Cooper’s tennis ball is at the base of the plants.)

So, there you have it. True Blue Everlasting Summer hydrangeas.

Happy gardening!

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