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I’m Moving

Yep, you read that correctly. I’m moving. We (as a family) aren’t moving, but I’m making a move in my work life. I’ve been in the Edmonds School District since I was first hired in 1995. I’ve made some of the greatest friends, worked with the sweetest kids, and gotten to know so many families. As much as I’ve loved my time in Edmonds, I’m excited for my next adventure. I’ll be moving out to the Snohomish School District and will start in my new school in the Fall. I talked with the principal of my new school this weekend. She offered me a job, and now I just need to wait for Human Resources to prepare a contract for me to sign.

 Now comes the hard part… and I don’t mean packing up the boxes or moving my furniture out of my classroom. You see, I’ve never really had to say good-bye before. I worked at Edmonds Elementary for 11 years and I really wasn’t planning to leave. I packed up my classroom for the usual Summer cleaning, but a few weeks after school was out I noticed a position opened up at Hilltop Elementary. I knew only great things about Hilltop, it was much closer to home, and two of my favorite little girls in the world would go to school there. I made the change over the Summer, packed up my things, and sent an email letting my teacher friends that I was moving. No one was around in the summer months, so I made a very quiet exit.

This time around, it’s been a little harder. The kids are already asking questions about who is moving and who is staying. It makes me sad just thinking about telling them that I won’t be back next year. I know in the long run they really won’t miss me too much and they won’t remember much of their first few years of school, but I just love being there for them. I love hosting small groups of artists in the Art Center, where they know my door is always open if they need anything at all. I love being the teacher that everyone know will have anything and everything they need. Cinnamon? Wax paper? Food coloring? Extra light bulbs? Batteries? Scrapbook paper? How ’bout an iron? Yep, my hubby thinks I’m a hoarder but I call it being prepared for any project my little friends can handle. I will really miss my friends, both big and small, who come to say hello every single day. I will miss the teachers who pass through, just to see the fun projects we are working on, and I will miss the sweet smiles on the first day of school. I know I will make new friends, have new kids in my life, and get to know other families, but I also know that it will be a week that calls for waterproof mascara and lots of hugs. Oh, and boxes… lots and lots of boxes

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