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My Dyson Dusting Attachment

Warning:  This is one of those posts that most of you will be thinking, “Do I really care about her new vacuum attachment and is it really life changing?”  For those of you who do care, feel free to keep reading.

I absolutely hate dusting.  It’s my least favorite household chore.  The other day, I was watching QVC’s Dyson vacuum hour.  (I swear, everyday I’m revealing some dorky new activity to you guys. I don’t actually buy things on QVC, but I like watching the channel because they have great tips, recipes, and ideas on how to use the products I already have in my home.  I use it as a learning channel.  See, I told you… totally dorky.) So, anyway, I was watching the QVC Dyson hour and one of the vacuums they had came with a dusting attachment.  I perked up a bit because, as I mentioned, I hate dusting.  I figured that the Dyson website probably sold the attachment to the vacuum I own, so I decided to check it out.  I needed to purchase a replacement hose, which I knew would be available on the website, and sure enough, the dusting attachment was there too.

Yes, I know, that was kind of a long story just to tell you that I can dust my house.  I warned you! This post isn’t for everyone.

(I’m going to act like the QVC hosts now.)
See how the Dyson dusting attachment picks up all of the yucky old dust and can even reach into those tight, hard to reach, spaces?  Ooooh, I just love this, and that red strip acts just like a pet hair magnet!  (You have to read this with an unusually perky tone of voice in order to get the full effect.)


(Resume perky voice) With the Dyson extension wand, you can even reach that cob web that has been driving you crazy when you sit down to watch tv and relax!  You don’t have to worry about scratching the walls because the Dyson dusting attachment is incredibly soft.

Use it to dust your lampshades!

Of course, it’s great for hard surfaces like tabletops too.

The brush is great for hard to reach spaces like the vents in a fireplace insert.  Look at those gross vents and then take a look at how the Dyson dusting attachments cleans them with ease.

Maybe I should go to work for QVC, because that perky tone seemed to come naturally to me as I was writing.  I’m sure your vacuum has a similar attachment, and it’s worth checking in to.  Honestly, I didn’t even know this was available for purchase.  They also have a pet grooming attachment, which sounds pretty cool.

By the way, I’m not connected with QVC or Dyson in any way.  I just thought this was a cool product and wanted to pass it along.

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