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My Love of Copper Bowls

My obsession with copper bowls began several years ago, when I was watching a food video where the chef used a copper bowl to beat egg whites.  I’ve always love the look of copper, but never really thought about using copper mixing bowls, until that time.  Well, I couldn’t get them out of my head, so when I had a few Williams Sonoma gift cards saved up, I thought I’d put them toward the purchase of a nice copper bowl.
Doesn’t it look pretty?
Well, as much as I loved that pretty bowl, I couldn’t begin to dream about plunking down $140 for a mixing bowl.  That was only the small bowl!  The larger bowls were more expensive.  I thought and thought about that pretty bowl.  I actually think I may have even lost sleep over it.  (I know, I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to my love of all things kitchen related.)  I started shopping around on Ebay and found a few large copper bowls that I was interested in.  The best part was that the big bowl I wanted was only $20.  I bought one that looked like it was in pretty good condition, with only a few small dents.  It is big and heavy and I absolutely love how it looks hanging on my pot rack.  I’ve had it for a few years now and I’ve used it a handful of times, and I really really love it.  I chilled it in the fridge, just this week, and then whipped up some cream in it for strawberry shortcakes.
The second little bowl you see there was a garage sale find.  It was only $2!  Talk about a steal.  It was pretty tarnished, but polished up very well.  

They’re pretty, sparkly, and chill ever-so nicely.  Plus, they weren’t $140!  Who knew happiness could come in the form of a copper bowl?
Happy shopping, friends… and may you find a great deal on a copper bowl for yourself!

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