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Organizing Boots

I have a boot problem.  No, the problem is not that I have too many boots. (That’s not a real problem because there is no such thing as too many boots.)  My problem is that my boots don’t stand upright and therefore always wind up in a big pile in my closet.

I saw a seemingly quick and easy project on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.  It involved stealing my daughter’s pool noodles, so I had to do this while she was out of the house.

I decided to break out my electric carving knife when it was time to cut the noodles.  I must confess, I don’t use my electric carving knife to carve meat.  I think we may have carved a turkey with it once, but I’ve always saved it because it does such a great job carving foam. (Remember, I’m a teacher and ALL teachers appreciate having foam dice in the classroom.  They make much less noise.)
I measured how long I wanted my pool noodles, depending on how tall my boots were.  Then, I marked, and got ready to cut.
If you ever need to cut pool noodles, now you know… electric carving knives are the way to go. Check this out.

 I cut up all of the noodles we had, in varying sizes.  My closet is MUCH happier!
I can’t say my daughter is much happier, but I’ll deal with that during the summer when she notices her pool noodles are missing.

Happy pool noodle stealing and boot organizing!

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