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Organizing With Bins and Labels

Bins and labels. I guess that’s what I do. I was looking through some blog photos and noticed how many times I’ve posted about organizing with bins and labels.  Here are the bins in my laundry room.

I should probably give a shout-out to my laminator too!  It comes in handy for making sturdy labels. (It’s a Scotch brand, from Amazon, and it was only $30.)

When my daughter was younger, her toy bins had labels with pictures. I would pretend that it helped my daughter put her toys away in the right places. In reality, it helped ME put her toys away in the right places.

For the garage, I made printed adhesive labels. Sadly, these bins are all overflowing and need some attention at the moment.  But, the labels are still pretty!


The next two pictures were from my bathroom organization post.  One of the parents in my classroom stopped me today to let me know that she bought bins and organized her bathroom like this today!  Love it!  Doesn’t organization make you happy?

This was the best 20 minutes I’ve ever spent organizing.  I can find stuff again!  My label maker came in handy for organizing the bins too.  I heart my label maker.

My classroom books are all in little labeled bins too.  These are the seasonal books that I only get out for about a month each year.  It’s easy to find Christmas books or St. Patrick’s Day books when they are all organized by theme, month, or author.

Ah, the pantry.  Let me just say, that this photo was taken on a good day.  In summer.  When I wasn’t working. And my kids were younger and didn’t have their teenage friends rummaging through our food. And I had more time.  You get the idea.

You know that little cupboard in your kitchen, on the backside of your cabinets, that seems like dead space?  It’s our art cubby.  Everyone needs an art cubby if you have kids at home.  Ok, now that the kids are older I call it the Homework Supply Cupboard (although sometimes Art Cubby just slips out… hey, I’m a kindergarten teacher). Once again, we have bins and labels in there!

I guess I’m a little obsessed, but there are worse things to be obsessed with!
Happy organizing!

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