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Pantry Organization – Back In Business

We are back in business!  The pantry collapsed and we lived with the contents all over the dining room for two weeks.  Things felt like chaos and I couldn’t find the spices I needed to save my life.  Well, to be honest, before the collapse my pantry was lacking in the organization department.  I really just needed to spend some time throwing out old items.
All of my cake platters shattered in the pantry collapse, so that made more room on the top shelf.  My flour containers now live on the top shelf.  (Yes, I really do use 6 different types of flour in my baking!)

These bins are set aside for lunch making items.

This picture is horribly dark, but I’m thrilled to have my  spices all alphabetized again.

I’m discovering that I may have a problem with the amount of sprinkles and cookie cutters I have.

All of my appliances are back in their places and ready for the next cooking/baking project.

One thing I can’t stand is the water bottle mess that we always have.  I now have two bins that store all of the water bottles in the house.  Now, hopefully, the water bottles won’t be falling out of the cupboard onto our heads.

Hopefully we can keep up the organization now!  I think I shall spend the next few weeks baking, to celebrate the fact that I can find everything again!

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