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Quality Art Materials

My son needed some new colored pencils for a project he was working on at school. At the same time, in my class on creating playful spaces, we were talking about creating spaces for art and using quality materials. I’ve always been a fan of buying quality art materials, but my idea of quality is Prang watercolor instead of Rose Art. (If you’re a teacher, you know what I’m talking about.) I started thinking that I really should replace a few of our art materials and anxiously awaited the Sunday adds for Michael’s. I was thrilled, when I saw that art supplies were 40% off this week.

My daughter and I hit the craft store, and instead of buying cheap crafts, we bought quality art supplies. I bought a nice set of Prismacolor colored pencils, a set of metalic colored pencils, sketching pencils with fun erasers, two sketch pads, and my favorite…. watercolor pencils. Oh my goodness!!! If you have never heard of, or used watercolor pencils, you are in for a treat. Clip your Michael’s 40% off coupon and rush to the store right now. We bought an inexpensive watercolor pencil set to see how we like it, but my kids were begging for more colors. They’ll just have to wait until the next coupon comes out!

My daughter loved all of the pretty colors in our new pencils. My son was more excited about the sketching pencils. He also looked up beginner drawing lessons on You-Tube and practiced shading.

 It’s so cool to see how something as simple as new pencils can inspire your kids and add joy to the afternoon!

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  • Farah Muzaffar
    March 10, 2011

    A very sweet postBecca… good quality art material and lots of art material is my passion…Hope you will enjoy your visit if you can spare a little bit to see some napkin folds

  • Yvonne
    March 10, 2011

    I hear you! I used to teach grades 1 to 3, so I have a real appreciation for good art supplies. Somehow I have missed watercolor pencils. March Break is next week so I'll have to visit Michael's and check them out!