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Reorganizing the Bookshelves

It was book reorganization time at my house this afternoon.  I’m finding that our home book collection is getting smaller and smaller.  As my kids grow up, I’m taking the books that they have outgrown to my classroom.  My classroom library is requiring a new bookshelf and my home library is dwindling.  Our children’s book library is in a little corner of our bedroom, that is actually tucked behind a door.  It fits two bookshelves quite nicely and stores most of the kids’ books.
I’m finding that we don’t need sections for Board Books or Dora anymore.  We really needed more bins for the chapter books that my daughter loves.

I started by doing a little sorting.  Some of the sections are labeled right on the shelf, and the bins have hanging tags attached.  I love containerizing my books!  It makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for.

I didn’t bother laminating the tags for the bins because I’m guessing they will change again by summer.  My daughter’s interested seem to change daily right now (and my son still has absolutely no interest in books).

To the right of the large shelf is a smaller shelf.  Because this is a dark little corner, we need a lamp over here.  Bedtime books are hard to choose when it’s too dark to see. The wire basket serves as our book return.  My kids know exactly where books need to go, but it never fails… they always leave a stack of books on the shelf for mom to return.  At least if they have a basket, it looks like the kids did what they were supposed to!

Happy organizing.
And happy reading too!

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The Comments

  • Linda
    March 15, 2014

    I like the idea of the bins, that might be an easier way to keep my shelves looking neater. The grands aren't always the neatest.

  • Courtney Affrunti
    March 17, 2014

    The bins are just perfect. Wish I had thought of that for all of those board books that were always slipping off the bookshelf. My youngest boy has now outgrown most of our picture books 🙁 I am saving our favorites for grandchildren but donating most to a library near our family's cabin for their book sale.