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Sugar Cookies – Pinterest Style

My Mother In Law was out of town over Mother’s Day, so we invited her over for a bar-b-que last week.  She loves sugar cookies, so I decided to try something I had seen on Pinterest. It didn’t turn out quite as cute as the original, from Pinterest, but it’s the thought that counts… and how they taste.

I freehand cut a jar out of sugar cookie dough.  I baked it a little longer than I normally do, since it was a larger cookie.  I used a real Ball canning jar as a guide for decorating. 

I choose to have pink flowers coming out of the canning jar, because my MIL loves pink.

I told her that they freeze well, and that way she didn’t feel like she had to eat them right away.  When she called the next day, she said she probably would need to freeze them and that they were very tasty.  Now, I’d say that’s the best compliment!

If you’d like the recipe for my sugar cookies, click here.

Happy baking!

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  • Carla
    May 22, 2012

    I love the idea. How cute and sweet!