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Antique Linens

I absolutely love antique linens.  My grandma had piles of them.  I think everyone in the family took a stack, when we helped her move a few years ago, and we still had plenty for the thrift store.

Many of the linens hold memories of visiting Nanie and Baumpa’s house.  The bedspreads covered the twin beds for as long as I could remember.  I always loved the nubby texture and the fringe at the bottom.  Someday, when my kids are grown and I have an extra bedroom, I will have twin beds with white nubby bedspreads.

I don’t use all of the linens, all of the time.  I usually start pulling them out in Spring.  They feel light and bright to me, which feels springy.

Most of the linens were made by my great grandmothers (at least that’s what I think my mom said).

I wish I had the patience to do this type of stitching.  It’s beautiful.

Happy Spring!

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