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Bathroom Tile

The kids are actually brushing their teeth in their own bathroom again!

Diane and I decided to spend the President’s Day holiday working on tile in my bathroom. The kids played happily and we went into, “Look what we can do without our husbands!” mode.

We set up the tile saw outside. It was a cold day, but it was dry. My neighbor, Tammy, came out to see what project I was working on this time. I’m sure I looked great in my safety goggles. Safety first! We started laying out the tile in the bathroom to see what it would look like. You can still see a hint of the lovely mauve laminate on the edge of the counter, in one of the photos.

We worked on the bathroom from 9-12. We took a break for lunch and swimming at the new YMCA pool. By early afternoon the counter looked great. It needed to dry, so grout came the next day.

I’m not too confident in my plumbing skills, so I decided to let my hubby put the sink back in. After a two week wait, it’s finally back in and kids are brushing their teeth in their own bathroom again! I love it and I’m so proud of myself! This is by far my biggest DIY project. I loved using the power tools! Now all I need is paint and flooring. Then I’ll check that bathroom off the To Do list.

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The Comments

  • admin
    March 2, 2010

    This looks great….Did you tile over laminate?…this may be a stupid question….

  • Kim
    March 2, 2010

    This is just fabulous! One of my girlfriends wants to tile herself – I wasn't so sure about the cutting part, but you did great!

  • Lou Cinda
    March 2, 2010

    Awesome!! This looks great!
    I am a follower!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  • Crafty Niche
    March 2, 2010

    Great job! I am wondering the same thing about tiling over laminate as well. I painted my laminate counter and I don't like it at all. Also, was this an affordable project?

  • Becca
    March 2, 2010

    I put backerboard down first, and screwed it right over the laminate. Then I just did the tile work right over the top. The public library has great "how to" books and the guys at Lowes were a great help too. It was so cheap too! It was well under $100 for this small bathroom.

    Thanks for your nice comments!