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Christmas on the Front Porch

It’s time to join the fun!  Blogland is full of beautiful pictures of Christmas and I couldn’t wait to join in!  I kept the same wreaths and greenery on the front porch this year, but added a few new things to the little chair.  I absolutely love my sled shaped door mat but it has seen better days.  I can’t find a replacement, so if anyone has a lead on a cute doormat please send ideas my way!

Christmas Front Door

I found that cute little black bag, with picnic items inside, at Thorp Antiques over Labor Day weekend.  I’ve always wanted a small thermos collection and now I have my first two antiques!  For those of you who like my cute little bag, and live near Snohomish, I saw a similar bag upstairs in Joyworks for around $25 over the weekend.  I pictured my plaid bag looking nice near the Christmas tree, fireplace, or even by the coat rack in the entry.  I should almost run out and grab the bag from Joyworks myself!


I realized, as I was typing this, that I forgot to get my old sled out of the rafters in the garage, and I still haven’t been able to find my plaid wool blanket.  I’ll find those next weekend.

Christmas Front Porch 2

That’s the beginning of the of Christmas at my house!  There is so much more to come.  We had a fun weekend of decorating, Hallmark movies, and family.

Merry Christmas!

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