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DIY BBQ Cart for Father’s Day

BBQ cart DIY

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to give my hubby this DIY BBQ Prep and Serve Cart for Father’s Day.  Pinterest has been calling my name since I had surgery, a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t really focus on reading because my brain felt like mush, so I turned to Pinterest to just look at pretty pictures and feel like I’m doing something productive.  I saw a picture of a DIY BBQ cart from Home Depot and thought this would be a perfect gift.

As I mentioned, I am still recovering from back surgery so I knew I wouldn’t be much help in the thinking department or the lifting department.  I sent the picture to my friend Diane, who is my partner in the blogging world, mom-life, and is a wanna-be farmer like me.  I told her that we should build these for Father’s Day and she was all for the idea!

We took the little girls to Lowe’s and had them do the heavy lifting of the lumber.  Diane did the thinking and I took my medicated self along for the ride.


There were nail guns and chop saws involved, so I stayed back.  (I’m telling you, there is no telling what could have happened if I had my hands on these.  My brain is mush.)


Diane taught the girls how to use the tools and insisted on safety goggles.  (Don’t you just love it when other people insist on safety? It makes me feel like shouting to my kids, “See!  I told you I’m not the only mom who is cautious!”


My son lives on the basketball court so he had to jump in and help whenever I could grab him.  He helped quite a bit and I was thankful for his muscles.  My main roll was “drill supervisor” as we were putting the frames together, and I also helped with staining and weather-coating.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this piece and how thankful I am that I have a fun neighbor who enjoys woodworking and can be the brains behind the operation.


BBQ cart DIY 2

We put the BBQ cart over by the smoker, so my hubby would have a place to set his things when he is out grilling.  It’s on wheels, so it’s easy to move if he doesn’t want to keep it on the deck.  My kids did the styling and tried to make it just like the picture I found on Pinterest. Here is the link to the DIY Prep and Serve Cart on the Home Depot website, if you are interested in building one.

Happy Building and Happy Father’s Day!

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