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Front Porch Fall-ification

Before I tell you about my front porch fall-ification, I’d like to say thank you for all of your nice comments and emails about my grandma.  She has had a very difficult few days.  My mom slept on her couch, sitting up, fully dressed, because she was sure the hospital would call in the middle of the night and she wanted to be ready to go.  Today, we packed up Nanie’s room in Assisted Living.  In the best case scenario, she would go back to Nursing, but we know she is well past that.  We were happily surprised today when we visited.  She was the most alert we’ve seen her in a week.  It was nice to see her try to eat and be able to speak a few words.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  It really makes a difference.

On a lighter note, I needed a little pick-me-up after one of our days at the hospital.  I asked my hubby to get my fall boxes down so I could do a little decorating.  The front door was my first stop.  I’m trying to add a bit more yellow to the front of my house.  I love black-eyed-susans and mums, so those were the obvious pick.  I wasn’t quite ready to change to my burlap pillows, but summery stripes just didn’t cut it anymore.

My hanging baskets are still all about summer, but I’ll be changing out a few plants to yellow or orange mums as the petunias start to die.

The leaves are even starting to blow onto the driveway.  I love fall, but I’m always sad to see summer slipping away. 

I wasn’t feeling very creative this year, so I just went with basic wreaths, garland, and mums.  My old milk crate gets to stay, just because I love it.

Fall-ification done.

How about you?  Have you started  breaking out the fall decor?

Happy Fall-ification!

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