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Gallery Wall With Painted Frames

I still haven’t posted pictures of my daughter’s finished room because… well… the room isn’t exactly finished yet.  The curtains are still hanging in puddles on the floor, waiting to be hemmed and embellished.  The quilt is still at my long arm quilt lady’s house, being finished, and I haven’t even started on pillows or cute pillow cases.

I did finish up the gallery wall with some cute painted frames though!

I used frames I had around the house and painted them with colors that coordinate with my daughter’s quilt. I purchased four different colors of sample sized paints from Lowe’s.  I knew we’d be doing a few projects in this room and paint seemed like a cheap and easy way to go.  

I started pinning several different arrangements for gallery walls.  My original idea was to include an old window or some sort of subway art, but this seemed like plenty. I had planned to let my daughter choose all of the pictures for the frames, but she was a bit overwhelmed when I started scrolling through options on the computer with her.  So, I just picked photos I like instead.  She was happy with the finished wall, even though there wasn’t a lot of ownership into the selection.

This wall is above the long part of my daughter’s bed, so I thought a reading lamp was a good idea.  I found this one for about $12 at IKEA and my friend, Diane, picked up the wood block that the lamp is mounted on from Michael’s.  I love that redish-pink color and wanted to add one more little accent with it on this wall.


Old picture frames and several paint colors make a pretty cool gallery wall, if I do say so myself!

I can’t wait to show you the finished room!  Maybe I’ll get everything done by Spring Break! Now, I need to find more things to paint with those cute sample size paints!

Happy painting!

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