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Glittered Pumpkins

Oh, Martha, you were so brilliant when you introduced us to glittered pumpkins. 

A few years ago, my friend, Sarah, and I saw this glittery craft project on Martha Stewart.  We both fell in love and NEEDED to make these.  We glittered the afternoon away, while our babies played happily on the floor.

Oh, those were the days.  Now our kids are in school and we have no time to even see each other…. unless I throw myself down the stairs and the doctor tells me to stay home from work!  Sarah stopped at the store on the way over to my house yesterday, and picked up 10 little pumpkins.  We still had leftover glitter from the previous pumpkin project (years ago).  Sarah even had some Martha Stewart glittering glue. (We decided it was glorified Elmer’s glue.)  We put glue on the pumpkins, added glitter, and let them dry.  Oh, these glittery little beauties make my heart go pitter patter!  So much glitter!!!

We decided that I should throw myself down the stairs just before Christmas too.  Think of all of the fun projects I could get done before Christmas!

Happy glittering!  So much glitter!!!

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  • redfly
    October 21, 2011

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  • Out and About Mom - Mandy
    October 21, 2011

    Love your glittered pumpkins. Adorable!