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Happy Fall… Almost

Do you feel it? 

 There’s a chill in the air.  Last week we were in the 80’s in the Pacific Northwest.  Today, as I was working in the yard, I noticed that the air felt crisp.  It wasn’t cold enough for a jacket, just a reminder of what is to come.  It’s the time of year when Mother Nature can’t decide if we need a rake or a sprinkler.

It’s my absolute favorite time of year for my yard.  I’ve been waiting all year for flowers like these!

I’m a huge fan of reds, oranges, and yellows, when it comes to flowers grown for cutting. 
I love this little corner of my yard.  It’s like a pathway to a secret hideaway.  My youngest spends hours on the swingset out here.
My stepdad built the bench for me.

I love the look of chippy old paint. 

Add a pillow and some flowers, and you have a perfect spot to take a break from all of that swinging and climbing on the swingset. 

The first red tomato has appeared in my garden.  Now, the race is on, between the ripening of these little beauties and the first frost that will snatch them right off of my cutting board.
Happy Fall… almost.

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