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I Forgot To Tell You!

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about my new favorite money saving toy.  My mother in law dropped this meat slicer off at my house last summer.  We buy sandwich meat every single week at the grocery store.  She said she had this meat slicer at her house, and didn’t use it any more.

We put it to good use.  We bought a whole, cooked, ham at Costco.  Then we spent about 10 minutes with the meat slicer.

We like our ham thinly sliced, so we chose the thinnest cut without shaving the meat.

We ended up with 3 plates of sliced ham!  Do you have any idea how many weeks of lunch meat that is for us?

We used the Food Saver to separate the meat into week size portions.

These bags went right into the freezer and we can take them out as needed.  I love a good money saving tip, especially when it involves a few fun kitchen appliances!

Thanks for the tip, Grandma!

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