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It’s National Cookie Day

I had no idea it was National Cookie Day until my sister gave me a heads up!  I decided that, in honor of this wonderful holiday, I would write a blog post linking to all of my cookie recipes.  So, I started searching old blog posts with the key word COOKIE in them and I found over 30 different cookie recipes.  Wow!  I guess I bake a lot!  30 blog posts about cookies… there was no way I’d have time to link to all of them.
So, since I can’t link to all of my recipes, I will add links to a few of my favorites.
My all time favorite recipe is my chocolate chip cookie recipe.
My sugar cookie recipe can be used for any occasion or holiday.  Keep scrolling down to find several different ideas for the sugar cookie dough.
4th of July
St. Patrick’s Day
May Day or a Special Birthday

Valentine’s Day

Any old snowy day

I love my Snickerdoodle recipe! It’s soft and yummy. This one is my son’s favorite cookie.
Ok, I think that is enough sugar for one day.  Clearly, I have a problem.  Maybe if I stopped baking so much, I’d lose a little weight!
I guess the sign on my front porch says it all!  You know where to go if you need a warm cookie!
Happy National Cookie Day!

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