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Sewing Camp Day 1

My little campers had so sew much fun at Sewing Camp today.  My daughter and my neice have matching sewing machines and I told them that we’d do a few projects this summer, at Auntie Becca’s Sewing Camp.  Last week, I set out all of my sewing books and let the girls choose a few projects they’d like to make.  Then, we took a trip to the fabric store and started shopping.  The girls decided that they’d each make a pillow, a stuffed owl, and a toy for a friend.  We started with pillows, since they are only straight lines.

They cut their own fabric, learned how to pin right sides together, and learned how to use their sewing machines. They wound the bobbins and threaded the machines, learned about backstitching, and were even able to sew pretty straight lines!

Two more neices stopped by too, so they started sewing along with us.  My son even made a pillow for his room, after a little encouraging.

Two of my little campers kept on sewing.  After the pillows were done, they made stuffed owls.  It was a combination of machine sewing and hand stitching.

Honestly, they had a lot more fun than I thought they would!  I figured they’d get frustrated and wouldn’t want to finish.  Well, once they finished the pillows (which was before lunch time) they were ready for project #2.  I was REALLY impressed!  I think a good day was had by all.

Now, I just need to think of a good camp counselor name for myself.  Any suggestions?

Happy sewing!

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