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A few months ago I decided I needed a space on the web to call home.  I needed some better organization of my online hobby of blogging. 
As many of you know, I write three blogs. 
1) Of course, there is this blog, that you’re reading now, which focuses on things going on around my house.  I love to share sewing, cooking, baking, and gardening projects.  I think I was born in the wrong generation because I absolutely love everything about the art of homemaking.
2) I also write an early childhood literacy blog. My goal with this blog is to share ideas on literacy in the home. Literacy is so much more than just making sure your kids read every night.  Our literacy lives are impacted by every single life experience we have.  I feel strongly about that and I’m hoping to share this message with families.  
3) My kindergarten blog is mainly for parents of the students in my class, but recently other kindergarten teachers from around the country have been following it as well. In the olden days, I would write a weekly parent letter, letting families know what we were doing in the classroom.  We’d photocopy the letter and send it home every Friday.  In those days, we actually had a budget for making copies.  With a very slim budget in public education, I had to get creative.  A blog seemed like a perfect way to show families what we were doing. 
My webpage, www.homeiswheremystorybegins.com, was developed to house all of these blogs. In addition, I decided that I could use this as a place to store and organize resources for parents and blog readers.   The resources tab, at the top, has lots of different categories within the link.  I’m excited to share ideas, websites, and links as they come up.  It’s also an easy way for me to share my work with my teacher friends.  I’m lucky enough to provide demonstration lessons in literacy for other primary teachers.  Often times, they will ask me where I found a particular resource or if I’d be willing to share a unit I have written.  I’m all for sharing!  My main website can hold all of these resources and then people can access them as often as they’d like.  I have to warn you, if you’re clicking over to find some great ideas, I’m still working on this.  I’m in the very beginning stages.  One area that is filling up quite quickly, though, is the Printables section under the Resources tab.  As I make new writing templates I place them here so parents can print them at home and write with their kids.
I’d love your feedback.  Is this something you’d use? Does it make sense?  Is it easy to navigate? I really hope you like it, because I added this just for you.  My goal is to help people enjoy homelife, love literacy, nurture confident kids, and improve their quality of life.  My hope is that my website and blogs provide you with a few resources to do just that.

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