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It’s Official- A New Job

Well, It’s official.  After 18 years, I am no longer employed by the Edmonds School District.  This was a really tough change for me because I never, in my wildest dreams, imaged a time when I would actually leave the Edmonds School District.  I had thought about what it would be like to work in the same district as my kids, but never really got past the thinking about it stage.
I didn’t want to resign my contract in Edmonds, before I had signed my contract in Snohomish, so I was in a sit and wait period.  I had been offered the job and accepted, but nothing was in writing yet.  Snohomish called on Friday, to say that my letter of intent was ready to sign but that I would need to resign my current contract first.  Eeek!  That meant there would be a time that I would be “in between jobs” and that made me a bit nervous.  Ok, reality check – it would only be a matter of hours, but it still made me nervous.  
As I was driving to the Edmonds District Office, I realized that it would probably be the last time I’d ever need to drive there.  It felt so odd and lonely, to turn in my computer, sign papers, and end a huge part of my career all by myself.  As I was standing at the Human Resources desk, around the corner popped one of my “partner’s in crime” from Hilltop, Tamara (Tamara Shazam)!  I was so happy to have a friend there to say my good-byes with.  I will admit, I got a little teary eyed, so I was thrilled to have a forever-friend there to give me a hug!
After signing my resignation papers, I drove myself down to Snohomish to officially accept my new position.  It will be a shift for me, but hopefully it will be a fun shift.  My new principal emailed to let me know about a class in the district that I might be interested in.  I’m so excited to go to a class that’s only 5 minutes from home! There are lots of things I’m looking forward to about my new job, and so many things I will miss about my old job.  You know what they say… Make new friends but keep the old!  
Here’s to a new adventure! Now, who’s going to help me move all of that stuff from my garage into my new classroom?

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