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Merry Christmas to me!

My new dining room hutch arrived two days before Christmas.  I finally have enough room to store my dishes.  My hubby says I have too many different sets of dishes.  I tried to explain that you can never have too many dishes, but he doesn’t seem to agree.  Regardless of his opinion on my dishes, he agreed that a place to store them was good idea!

The wood tone is very similar to my Costco table and chairs that I got a few years ago.  The hutch came from a discount furniture store in Snohomish.  Hey, discount furniture stores are a step up from my normal Craigslist furniture finds!  

Once the big hutch was in place, I had to find a home from the old cabinet that used to be in our dining room.  I love this little cabinet from my hubby’s side of the family.  I have grand plans to restore it, but haven’t gotten around to that yet.  After taking the tree out of the living room, we started rearranging furniture and found a perfect spot for the cabinet. 

The ottoman is now the coffee table, since this room isn’t a “formal” living room anymore.  The boys like to pull up a seat and play some games, eat popcorn, and drink sugary soda. The ottoman encourages play, and a place to kick your feet up.  I’m kind of liking this new arrangement.

The old coffee table is now in the family room, which is a whole other story. (Pictures to come later.)

The cabinet in the living room is the perfect place to store my fancy silver.  (Ok, I really don’t have any fancy silver, but it sure looks pretty in the cabinet!)  I love going to Goodwill and finding silver platters and bowls.  You can usually find them for about $1-$3.  I buy them whenever I find them.  They are the perfect things to keep on hand for taking food to parties.  They look very pretty and they are cheaper than plastic platters from the party store.  

(Wow, when will I learn that I need to use a tripod if I don’t want blurry pictures?)

The top of the cabinet is now home to my pottery collection.  I LOVE this pottery from The Weedpatch, in Country Village.  My sister in law bought a piece for me for Christmas and apparently they are not going to carry it anymore.
 (insert frowny face here)

So, you can see that one thing leads to another in my house.  It all started with a new hutch in the dining room, and ended with three rooms being totally revamped.

Happy rearranging!

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  • Carol
    January 6, 2013

    Your new hutch is very pretty, Becca. I totally agree that you really cannot have enough dishes, ever!