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Our New Cookbook

My daughter and I picked up a new cookbook at the bookstore last week. 


I love the bright, colorful pictures and the simple step by step instructions.  I have a large collection of children’s cookbooks.  Many of the books have kids in mind, but not young kids.  This book is perfect for the little guys.  My daughter is 6 and just starting to read.  The pictures were very helpful and the text was easy enough for her to read with a little help.

After looking through the book a few times, my daughter put sticky notes on each page she thought looked good.  I thought that was really cute because it’s the way she sees me pick out new recipes.  It was really interesting, watching her make the rolled cookies.  She referred back to the book a few times to make sure she was doing things the right way.  I noticed that she was comfortable and confident in her baking skills.  She knew when to add more flour and easily manipulated the dough.  She even assembled the cookies all on her own. 

The cookies have a layer of frosting in between the cookies and a drop of jam to add color to the hearts.  She patiently added frosting, jam, and the cut-out cookie to each cookie base.  Then, she handed the first cookie to her dad, the second cookie to her brother, and the third to me.  We were all oohing and aahing over her wonderful creation and she cheerfully assembled her own cookie.  I was a little taken back by this.  My daughter has always been good at sharing, but the fact that she made everyone else a cookie, before her own, really shows that she’s growing up.  It also reminded me of the reason I love to bake and cook so much.  Preparing food is more than just filling our own mouths and tummies.  It is a way of sharing with the people around you and thinking about the foods and flavors other people enjoy

Happy Baking!. 

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