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P-Dub’s Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s kind of a strange day to post this, since it’s 80 degrees outside right now.  But, I forgot to show you how yummy P-Dub’s chicken noodle soup looks. 

The recipe came from her newest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Food From My Frontier.

I learned a little trick in this book.  Usually, when I make soup, I use a chicken broth or stock and then toss in the rest of my veggies, noodles, and chicken.  To make the soup more stew-like, she suggests adding a little flour/water mixture to thicken the base.  It kind of felt like I was turning my soup into gravy, at first, but I love the way it turned out in the end. 
Thanks P-Dub!
Happy cooking!

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  • Nanna
    May 15, 2012

    that does look good & if it is too hot outside to enjoy it,just turn the air down lol!