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Sweet Peas and Sweet Memories

Sweet peas will always remind me of home and my mom.  Every summer my mom would grow sweet peas along the fence of our yard.  There were always fresh cut sweet peas on the dining room table.  The best surprise was when my mom would put a bouquet of sweet peas by our beds.  I think every little girl should wake up with sweet peas by her bed, at least a few times in her life.
Well, it’s time to plant sweet peas.  We added new soil to the kids’ garden box a few weeks ago.

I always soak the sweet peas in water overnight. It helps them germinate faster.  (My mom taught me that, and she’s the sweet pea expert.) 

The kids planted their seeds under the trellis.

I absolutely cannot wait.

Happy planting!
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  • My Oatmeal Kisses
    April 22, 2011

    Wow! I love sweet peas! What a good idea to have your kids help you plant them with you. Thanks for showing the step by step process. Cute blog, I just found it today! I'm your newest follower.