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The Not So Formal Living Room – There.

I’ll start this post with a side story…

Many years ago, when I was going to college and living with my sister, I remember a conversation we had about the way people look when they are ready to leave the house.  My sister said something about how sometimes people just surprise her  because we all know that they look in the mirror at themselves, finish fixing up their hair or their makeup, and then say, “There.” Our conversation was about how sometimes people just need to take another look before saying, “There.” Maybe a second look would prompt them to see that their hair was not quite “there-worthy” yet.

Years later, we still use “there” in our conversations, on regular basis.  My sister and my mom see my constant rearranging of furniture or painting of rooms and ask, “When are you just going to say THERE and be done?”  I would love to say there.  I would love to be done.  But I can’t.  I’m just never to that point where I’m backing out of my living room, looking at a beautiful space, and ready to utter that one little word, “There.”

Well, maybe, just maybe… today might be the day.

You see, I bought some new chairs for the living room about 3 years ago.  As much as I loved them in the living room, I found that we really NEEDED them in the family room.  I moved them over to family room and they served (pushed together) as our make-shift couch for the past few years.  Well, just this week my new couch for the family room arrived, freeing up my chairs to go back to their rightful home in the living room.

I love that this room has plenty of seating now.  It looks warm and inviting.

There is still plenty of space for games and activities on the floor, but adults aren’t forced to sit on the floor because of lack of chairs.  I think it’s a pretty good looking space and I may even venture so far as to see that it looks complete.

 I’m looking at this space today and tentatively saying th..th..there.

Yep.  There.

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