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A Few More Hawaii Highlights – Warning: Picture Heavy

Hawaii is truly a vacation spot to remember.  We’re not huge travelers.  Every few years we try to take a big trip (somewhere we need to fly to).  So, this trip was a really big deal to us.  It didn’t disappoint.

My son will always remember the beach, riding the waves, and snorkeling with the fish.

There’s just a laid back style in Hawaii.  The locals know how it’s done.

The fruit markets are filled with “fresh picked today” fruits.

I’ve never seen avocados this huge before!

We even tried some new things!


Easter Sunday was a bit different this year.  We contemplated going to the Purple Place of Prayer for our Easter Service, but then decided we’d just do our own thing.

Easter breakfast was a bit different too.  The Kihei Cafe was calling our names. 


We hit the aquarium when the kids were needing a break from the sunshine. 
(Fair skinned Seattlites!)


I loved that the diver photo-bombed the kids!

My boys… like father, like son.

I was a bit worried that the kids would be bored at the luau.  But, there were games.

They had flowers for the girls’ hair.


The show was quite entertaining too.

(I see London. I see France.  Someone’s not wearing underpants!)

We did the Molokini Snorkel Tour.  The grandmas had no interest in coming on this excursion.  My hubby and both kids were horribly seasick.  I snorkeled for a few minutes, but felt guilty leaving them on the boat to fend for themselves.

Once we finished up at Molokini, we headed to Turtle Town, where the water wasn’t nearly as choppy.  By then, the Dramamine started to kick in and everyone was feeling a bit better.


The highlight was the school of dolphins that found us.

Pretty cool!

We swam with turtles and felt much better on the ride home.  For the rest of the trip, when the kids misbehaved, we threatened to take them out on a boat again.  They straightened right up!  I don’t think they’ll be asking to go on any whale watching tours any time soon! (Although we son TONS of whales from the shore!)
My mother in law opted for the Road to Hana Tour. 
(The date is not correct on the photos.)

She absolutely loved her tour.  It was an all day bus ride with lots of stops along the way.  My hubby and kids get seasick (as we now know), but for me, I can’t imagine anything worse than a five hour car ride on a winding road.  I get horrible carsick.  (We make quite the crew, huh?)

I was happy to just look at her pictures.

My youngest is learning to love taking pictures.  I said in my last post that I took about 800 pictures in Hawaii, but I think at least 100 were taken by this little monkey.

And for our next lesson, we’ll talk about making sure there is nothing distracting in the photo.  This picture makes me giggle every time I look at it!  My little one took this at the Luau.

Have I mentioned how similar my boys are?  They both packed their luau clothes, not knowing what the other had packed.  I love these guys.

 It was the trip of a lifetime for our family.  I’m so happy that our moms came along too.  They both enjoyed themselves just as much as we did and I was thrilled to share this experience with them. 

What else can I say?

It was a happy, happy trip!


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