Home Is Where My Story Begins

Home Is Where My Story Begins Senior and Family Photography

Ok, I don’t really have a photography business, but I’ve sure been having a lot of fun with it!

I’ve had my “big girl camera” for several years now.  We bought it because we wanted to be able to zoom in on our kids during sports and because I wanted that cool looking blur in the background when I take pictures.  I didn’t know much about fancy cameras (and I’m still constantly learning), but we thought it was something we could put to good use.  Well, we were right!  I use my camera just about every single day of my life.  I don’t even bother putting it away in the case because it’s not easy to grab when it’s zipped away.  I’ve taken several classes online and in person, and I think I’ve grown as a photographer.  (I’m not sure I can classify myself as a photographer, but I’ll use the term loosely.)

When we go on vacations, I’m constantly on the lookout for great picture spots.

 I’ll scout out good locations while everyone is still getting ready. I’ve been taking family photos with my hubby’s side of the family for several years when we travel down to Seaside.  They all complain when they have to put up with me for an hour or so, but they’re always pleased when they can frame a picture to display in the living room!  A few years ago, when I saw that my sister in law had framed a picture I took of her family in Seaside, I remember thinking to myself, “Hey, that’s actually pretty decent! And I took it!”

My favorite place, locally, to take pictures is Willis Tucker Park.  A few weeks ago, I took family pictures for a friend of mine.  I’m kind of in love with this fence and the trees in the background.  We used the same fence when I took Senior Portraits for a neighbor. 

For the Senior Portraits, we also used a few other areas of the park.  We found nice little grassy areas.


Even the sides of the buildings were pretty cool to use as backdrops.

This winter, when we have a snowy day, I really want to take someone’s family photo at the park, by my new favorite fence.  Any takers???  You have to have a really cute family and wear jeans, reds, navys, and browns.  And you’ll have to throw a few scarves and hats on to complete the look.  Let me know, neighbors, if you’re up for it.  Oh, and you’ll need to start shopping for clothes now because I’m serious about the color palate.  I really want to have it look similar to this.

Photo: Rebekah Westover Photography

I have a hard time deciding if I prefer taking pictures at the beach or the farm. Lucky for me, I get to visit both each year.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the farm. 





Happy picture taking!

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  • Diane Jordan
    October 20, 2013

    Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your Beautiful photos for fall It's been a long time coming over to see you. I am hoping you and your lovely family are all doing great..