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Kids in the Kitchen

I really do believe my kids enjoy spending time in the kitchen with me.  I don’t think they are just trying to humor me.  Over the weekend, I had both of my kids in the kitchen at the same time.  One was making lunch and the other was making dessert.  
My son made the pesto, basil, tomato, and mozzarella pizza.
(He even picked the tomatoes and basil from the garden.)
My daughter made her Cowgirl Cookies.  They have chocolate chips, M&M’s and oatmeal.  The kids don’t love the oatmeal, but my hubby and I thought it was a pretty tasty cookie!

Considering the CRAZY work week I had last week, having my kids do the cooking on the weekend was a great treat.  (For the record, my hubby did all of the cooking during last week’s craziness.  So, it’s not like I needed a break from cooking, I just needed a break!)
You’ve just gotta love having your kids in the kitchen!

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