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Welcome to My New Home and A Few Things I Love

Welcome friends!  My blog may look the same, but I have a new address.  I decided to move to WordPress because everything I read about blog growth starts with a move to WordPress.  I love that people actually read my blogs and my wish is to make new friends and keep the old!  I have a handful of updates to do, like load the sidebar of the blog so I can find things again.  I will get to those things as soon as I can.

Now onto my post.

The things you love help you create the space you love to retreat at the end of a long day.  My work days seem long lately.  I think it’s because I wake up in the dark and it’s dark by the time dinner is on the table.  I feel like I haven’t seen my yard in weeks.  In addition, I’m spending most of my evening hours at doctor appointments or physical therapy.  (I’m still recovering from back surgery.)

I absolutely LOVE coming home at the end of the day.  I crave homelife.  I love cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, gardening, and spending time with my family and pets.  I struggle with decorating and find myself using catalogs and Pinterest photos for inpiration, copying their ideas when I can.  There are a few things in my house that I really, really, love.  These things help me create the space I love to come home to at the end of the day.  Yes, I love coming home to my kids, hubby, and pets but we also need cozy blankets, handmade quilts, and maybe candles here and there.

I love decorating with old books, especially when they come from my family.  Most of my old books belonged to my grandparents.



I do love to bake.  (You may have noticed!)  I love greeting my kids with a plate of cookies.  In the “good old days” I only worked part time and every Friday was Cookie Friday.  It was my favorite day of the week.


I love my yard.  Ok, I really, really, love my yard.  I tend to be a fair weather gardener and a sunny day in the garden is my favorite place to be.



I really enjoy family get togethers.  My husband says I’m a hoarder of dishes.  I may have a few different sets, but it’s fun for me to make different tablescapes for every party.


Once in a while I even go all out and set up a pretty tablescape for our little family of 4.  This was a day that we made clam chowder and set the table so pretty.  My youngest loved helping in the kitchen.


I love to sew and my house is filled with quilts.  There is nothing better than cuddling up with a homemade quilt at the end of a long day.  The quilts I made are very thin, but if you are under them for a few minutes, they warm up quite nicely.

Pictures1How about you?  If you had to make a list of things that make your house a home, what would your list include?

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