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Window boxes – A sneak peak

As I’ve mentioned before, it won’t stop rainy here in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, we’re generally known for our abundance of wet weather, but this is getting ridiculous.

We DID have one glimmer of hope this weekend and it happened to fall on a Saturday! I bought flowers for my window boxes and hanging baskets a few weeks ago. I’ve just been waiting for a break in the rain to get out and plant. Since it was dry and my plants were ready, I took the opportunity to get planting.

Do you see the sun shining on my flowers?

I thought I’d take my “after” picture on Sunday morning, when the sun was coming up. I was picturing kind of a pinkish glow being cast on my newly planted boxes. Boy, was I wrong. It was pouring by the morning. No picture. No glow. No fun! I can’t wait to show you the “after” when we finally dry out again.

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