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Being Craftsy

I’ve never thought of myself as a crafty person.  I love to sew and quilt, but crafting is just not for me.  Paper crafting is just one giant “fail” and glue/glitter projects are just asking for disaster.  I’ve tried knitting and it’s kind of growing on me, but I still don’t feel I’m crafty.
When I heard of Craftsy, I wondering what types of online crafting classes they offered.  Well, they offer just about everything!  They do food crafting, baking, and lots of sewing and quilting classes.  I knew I’d be hooked.
Here’s the link, if you’re interested.  For the record, I’m not paid by Craftsy.  I just think it’s a really cool website and a brilliant idea. (And I’d love to teach a Craftsy class someday, but that’s for another post.)
I started by signing up for several of Craftsy’s free online courses.  I usually have them playing on my iPad while I’m sewing.  Last week I signed up for my first “real” course, meaning I had to pay for it.  Camille Roskelley is one of my favorite fabric designers and I was super excited to see what her teaching style was like.
I really liked it!  It was easy to follow.  I learned a few new things, and I also felt validated!  For the most part, I’m a self taught quilter.  I’ve figured things out as I’ve gone along and asked lots of questions as my local quilt shops.  I’ve read just about every book I could get my hands on from the library, but I’ve never known if I was really doing things properly.  Not only did I learn that I’m doing many things right, but I also heard Camille say that she didn’t know if she was doing things right, but it’s always worked for her!  See, even a professional quilt designer just goes with the flow.
I’ve loved reading and rereading Camille’s first book.  I love the colors in her house too.
Her next book is out soon and I can hardly wait!
Ok, friends… 2 books, 1 online class, and 1 happy (craftsy) quilter!

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