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Cub Scout Cake Bake Ideas

It’s been many years since my son was in Cub Scouts, but every year my son’s cub scout troop had a cake bake. It was a dad and son cake bake. No moms allowed. (Keep that in mind as you are scrolling down because they will make your jaw drop.) They auctioned off the cakes and the money went to the food bank. My hubby and son made the milk and cookie for Santa and we bought a really cute cake pan to make it happen.

There were so many cakes, and over the years, I just kept snapping pictures.

Can you believe this!!! Unreal.


Those little popcorn balls are actually cake pops.  So cute!

This cake won the Best of Live Auction.
I thought this cake was very clever!


This cake was amazing!  It even played cricket noises.
The construction cake included a remote controlled backhoe.  The kids had so much fun playing around with it before the auction!



Did I not tell you that these cakes are amazing?!?
Are you ready for the least appetizing cake of the bunch?
My son made Poop-Cakes In The Yard.
I’d say these Cub Scout Cake Bake cakes are pretty clever and extremely well done!
Happy baking!
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